Latvia, one of the three Baltic Republics, lies between the two of them, Estonia in the north and Lithuania in the south. It has a very long Baltic Sea coastline stretching for 500 km ( 310 miles), 5000 lakes, 1000 rivers and streams. The largest rivers are the Daugava, Gauja, Lielupe, Venta.

Latvia has the most historical connections with Germany and Livonian Order, whose influence is evident in the architecture of its medieval towns, castles and Jugenstil buildings.

All of the Baltic states are relatively compact countries, where you can easily reach the main highlights. For example you can explore Medieval Riga and relax in Sea Resort Jurmala in one day. Walk on a white sand beach and enjoy fresh sea breeze mixed with a sweet smell of pine forest.

The biggest metropolis in the Baltics, Riga perfectly blends timeless tradition and cutting edge cool. Drop in and get energized by a city with surprises on every road and rooftop.

Some facts about Latvia

Total area: 64,589

Coastline: 494 km of the Baltic Sea coast.

Average temperature: July is +18°C, in January – -4.5°C.

International relations: member of NATO, EU and Schengen area.

Population: 2 248 374 Ethnic groups: 59% Latvian, 27% Russian, 3.6% Belorussian, 10,6% others (Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian etc).

Religion: Evangelic Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Russian Orthodox. Since the 16th c. Reformation, the Lutheran church has played a leading role in Latvia.

Currency: Euro (EUR)
Time zone: EET (UTC+2)



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